Glass Screen Repair

Cheapst? Best? or the higheast cost performance? You can get what you need from us.

We have more than 5 years of local mobile phone fix experiences, and specialised in iPhone repair. You can trust us to deliver you the the highest quality and the cost-effective products and service. You’ll notice we take pride in everything we do, and strive to present an image of quality and professionalism in every area.

We can repair broken glass screen with excellent OCA technology which is very professional, experienced and hard job.
We can just replace the broken glass of the original screen, it means the LCD and the digitizer will be original, it is usually referred to as refurbished screen, which is better than any copy or OEM screen.

Firstly, You should make clear of what kind of parts is used before you are going to repair the damaged screen of your phone.
We pursue to provide high quality, high cost performance products and services.
You get what you pay off.
Seeing is believing.
Time proves everything.

Of course, we also have the cheapest screen repair.

********Every extra penny deserves its value.********

We have different parts, the higher is the price, the better is the quality of the screen.

****For example, the PRICE LIST for i8 glass screen repair****

- Using third Party replacement Screen --------> $119 (3 Months Warranty)

- Using OEM Screen --------> $139 (3 Months Warranty)

- Using refurbished Screen which comprises Original Digitizer + Original Retina LCD (1334 x 750 pixels resolution) + New Glass + 6 Months warranty --------> $179 (6 Months Warranty)

* Contact phone number: 021 888 815