Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9005 Glass Screen Repair

When do you need to repair the glass screen of your phone?

This service is only for the phone that front glass is broken, but LCD screen and touch screen work normally.

To change a glass screen is a very challenging and complicated work. It is very easy to break the LCD or digitizer when you separate the broken glass, and the LCD screen is quite expensive as you know. We recommend all installations are done by an experienced qualified technician to avoid creating further damage on LCD screen and more spending, and we guarantee:

1)During the repair, if we damage the LCD, we will replace you a new screen

2)The glue that we used will not seep/leak inside the phone, corrode other parts inside the phone, like the motherboard, causing further damages.

3)After repair, the display and touch screen will functioning properly, no dust, mist or dirt will get inside the screen.

But we can't guarantee the screen look the same as a new one. If you require a faster, higher quality repair for the Note 3 glass screen , please view our 1 Hour Fast Repair for full details.

How long will this service take?
This service is usually take at least 2 working days.

Why choose us?

We have highly experienced technician who can provide high quality, professional and affordable repair service.

We guarantee that there will not be any dust or mist. All touch function and sensitivity will be similar as before