Do you have this experience?
Water leaking on the floor, letting all the fancy furniture floating like a tiny boat on the sea.

Been away for few days, come back with a house as empty as you just bought it.

Always worry about the safety of commemorative items, valuables that keeps at home.

Worrying the door or windows didn't shut, and the electronics are still on when you're away on holiday or work.

The SmartCare will help you to solve those problems!!

Remote viewing
Through the App to have any time and any where knowledge of the house, door or windows closes, temperature and humidity changes those daily statuses.

Timely reminder
Home unexpectedly into the thief, leakage, fire, timely SMS alerts, early response and reduce losses.

Remote control
Free with linkage between devices, giving life more creative play, remote alarm light, timer charging, remote humidification, a variety of combinations to develop mining suite of products to maximize the use of potential.





***** The price range for this product and service is starting from $499.00 onward, price depending on your requirement, thank you