Wireless Home Cloud Media Center

Our Wireless Home Cloud Media Center with Super Speed USB3.0,GigabitEthernet& IEEE 802.11n Wireless Enabled offer an Easy Connection allow any Desktop or Laptop Computer,Tablet,Cell Phone sharing you Movie,Photo,Music and files.Cloud Service Enabled allow to access or upload you files via Internet anywhere of the world.WebDAV,FTP,iTunesand DLNA/UPnPEnabledoffer variousNetworkApplications.2x USB Host Ports allow to attach two USB Devices and sharing them via Network or Plug & Play Enabled USB3.0 Port.
Our Wireless Home Cloud Media Center offer USB3.0 Port allow a Super Speed Connectivity up to 5Gbps 10x faster than USB2.0.Anodized Aluminum Case Style and Durable,Dual Bay Tool Free Hard Drive Tray Enclosure allow to mount Two 3.5inch SATA Hard Drives offer up to 2x4TB Storage easily without Tools and Screws.RAID Enabled allow a Reliable and Secure Storage for your files.
Our Wireless Home Cloud Media Center Compatible with Any Windows,Macintosh,Linux or Unix Computer and AnyiOSorAndroidCellPhone,Tablet PC.Allow your Family and Friends sharing Video,Photo,Music and files via Wireless or Wired Network and USB Port.It will be an Ideal Solution if you would like to build an Exclusive Home Cloud Media Center.

Product Features:
1) Wireless home cloud media center
2) Gigabit Ethernet&IEEE 802.11n wireless network enabled allow sharing files with your family and friend anywhere of the world
3) Comapatible with any Winsows,macintosh,Linux or Unix computer and any IOS or Android cellphone, tablet PC
4) Plug and play enabled super speed USB3.0 allow an easy and reliable transfer up to 5Gbps
5) 2*USB host ports enabled allow to attach two USB devices and sharing them
6) WebDAV,FTP,Itunes and DLNA/UPnP enabled offer various network applications
7) Dual bay aluminum tool free enclosure allow to mount two 3.5'' SATA drives offer 2*4TB storage
8) RAID 0,1 and combine enabled allow a reliable and secure storage for your file


***** The price range for this product and service is from$399.00 to $999.00, price depending on your requirement, thank you.